Final document, reviewed and approved by Deming, Parker, Hoffman, Campbell & Daly LLC

Juicy reVolution LLC, Member Non-Disclosure Agreement/Confidentiality Agreement

By checking the box below, I consent to this legal “Agreement” effective [date], between myself [Full Name], as a “Member” (reVolutionary) and Juicy reVolution LLC. 

I. Definitions

Member (reVolutionary)

Anyone with access to the Juicy reVolution LLC platforms and confidential content within the platform. This includes paying, sponsored, content providers, or any other members.


Any course lessons, presentations, workshops, imagery, videos and/or support services involved in the live and recorded sessions for Juicy reVolution LLC and/or content shared within the on-line private, member only community.

Intellectual Property

The proprietary legal knowledge, including but not limited to all trade secrets and confidential business information, financial information, copyrights, and knowledge that would not be generally known.

Confidential Information

Any information, material or knowledge that could not be otherwise obtained without access granted by membership to the online community of Juicy reVolution LLC, including but not limited to personal or professional information of other members, and proprietary business knowledge taught by content providers.

II. Purpose

All members of Juicy reVolution LLC hereby agree to participate and share information that may be considered sensitive or confidential for the good of creating a shared community and a safer space for all members. Any confidential information should thereby be protected for the benefit of the members and the community at large.

III. Agreement Of Confidentiality

By signing, the member agrees to not to disclose, share, or copy any personal or confidential information related to other members of Juicy reVolution LLC or any content produced for or stored by the company, and agrees not to use any such information without prior written consent.

This includes, but is not limited to such confidential information as:

  • Personally identifying information
  • Personal stories
  • Photos
  • Proprietary knowledge shared by content creators
  • Any information that was not prior general knowledge outside of the community
Any content that involves on-screen member participation cannot be shared on any other platform, or anywhere else outside the community, without prior written consent from any and all members involved in the creation, participation, and consultation of the content, and from Juicy reVolution LLC, who maintains exclusive ownership of all content. Neither party will be held responsible for any leaks that may occur through no fault of either party.

This agreement shall apply to any intellectual property that was created from Jan 1, 2022 onward, in addition to all future intellectual property.

IV. Intellectual Property

All intellectual property, including but not limited to the ideas, knowledge, copyrights, trade secrets or other proprietary information related to the business(es) of the Luminary shall remain the protected intellectual property of the Luminary.

No member shall share any information with anyone outside of the community or share, copy, or modify any of this information for professional gain.

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